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Next up!

Date/Time - Friday, December 3rd, 1999
9p.m. till 3 a.m.

Place - Transmission
314 11th St. @ Folsom S.F. Club  (415) 621-1911

Tickets - $12 @ the door, $9 @
(also available @ local stores and dance studios)

Join the crew for the last BODY of the Century 

on December 3rd. 

In 2000 we are hyping up to go monthly 

starting in February. 
BODY always features some of the best DJs in the country. 

This time around we are very pleased to present special guest 

Heather from Chicago spinning Hip Hop and House.  
Our DJ line up also includes Gemini, Mauricio and Ms. Spank. 

shocked.jpg (16607 bytes) BODY presents dance company Micaya and Co. Dancers. (Micaya is the master mind behind Hip Hop Dancefest at  Theater Artaud Nov. 18th -21st.)  and a freestyle dance competition. The competition invites all  dancers and dance styles to participate and includes prizes for all who enter. This is sponsored by the following people,  Asphault, XLR8R, Rhythm & Motion, Zebra, Fabric8, X-Radio and

Last but definitely not least, there will be a live webcast by X-Radio.  To see more about BODY and sign onto our email list, check out our website.

for more info on this event, or upcoming monthly BODY haps, contact:
Christiane (415) 905-8880 V. mail
e mail
Jesse Singer (415) 826-7677
e mail